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New ebook DRM will change the text of a story to prevent piracy

What a genius idea! I really do love how things just keep evolving, the constant battle between the copyright laws and pirates.

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2 apps and 5 helpful tips for corralling your out-of-control contacts lists on iOS, OS X

What a fantastic guide, really detailed and to the point. Very helpful.


Over the years I have tried several solutions for syncing my contacts between different accounts. Even back in the days of Palm Pilot Desktop for Mac, ActiveSync, Intellisync, and my personal favorite, The Missing Sync. In the long run, they never ended up working for me. Each of them usually ends up creating duplicate records. So I have made quite a mess of my contacts many times over. But as a result, I have become quite good at cleaning up the messes I’ve made.

I’m not going to tell you how to sync your contacts across multiple accounts — that is, keeping exact copies of your contact list in sync across multiple accounts like Yahoo, Google, iCloud and Exchange.  This technique will also not help with proprietary information formats that you may have on various online services like LinkedIn,(s LNKD) Twitter or Facebook(s FB) even though you may think of your…

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Download A YouTube Video With Only Three Letters?

The question is asked so many times, so I thought I would start with how to download a video from YouTube, or any of the video clip based websites:

First off you need to know that these techniques are forever changing, so check back here for updates as the software or websites will probably need updating every so often.

For YouTube Videos:

How to download YouTube videos

The best way to download the video’s or MP3 is to simply type three letters “PWN” in front of the YouTube web address as pictured.

So you go to any video on YouTube.Com and make it look like this http://www.pwnyoutube.com/watch?v=fuzLnfpUTh0

It will direct you to the download page, where you can choose which file type to save it as, if you want to save it as an MP3 just for the music you can, the options are so vast.


For Any Other Video Website:


You can also use the same website, and a similar technique by just adding deturl.com in front of any URL to download it’s video.

Example: http://deturl.com/lifehacker.com/5171115/

Remember that a lot of videos and music are copyright protected so if you like it then clear your conscience and buy the song!


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