Apple TV gets HBO Go and sports with WatchESPN

Sooooo…. None of us U.K bods get a look in really.



Some good news for premium cable and sports fans today: Apple(s AAPL) on Wednesday said it has signed deals to bring HBO Go and WatchESPN to its Apple TV set-top box.

HBO Go is only available to HBO(s TWX) subscribers, so this isn’t a solution for cord-cutters. However, it’s good for those who want to access to the cable channel’s backlog of content: customers can watch any of HBO’s shows at any time via the HBO Go channel on Apple TV. HBO Go has already been available for Apple’s mobile devices and on competing platforms Roku and Xbox 360(s MSFT).

WatchESPN(s DIS) is also a subscriber-only channel. Those who are signed up via their local cable provider can watch programming on Apple TV from across the company’s channels: ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPN3, curated clips from and others.

There are some limitations, however: DirecTV and Charter subscribers won’t be…

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